About 關於鴻福

what we do


In recent years, the increasing awareness of environmental protection has caused more impacts on traditional agriculture and aquaculture. It also makes us rethink how to achieve economically efficient production under an environment-friendly process. Therefore, we use microbial fermentation technology to provide a variety of environment-friendly products to increase the efficiency of production and decrease the drug abuse in the aquaculture industry. We are dedicated in providing a safer, more effective and more environment-friendly solution to balance the interests of producers, the safety of consumers, and sustainable land management.



Committed to the establishment of an ecological balance and sustainability, Created an eco-friendly business without pesticides and antibiotics.



Insist on the spirit of sustainable agriculture. We actively screen microbial strains to be applied to animal nutrition in demand. In addition, we are also engaged in researching and developing plant nutrition products for seedlings to reduce environmental pollution and build green homesteads as our business goal.


Future vision

Actively promote sustainable agriculture, hoping to use natural microorganisms to solve the problems in agriculture, livestock industry, and environmental protection, and at the same time increasing sales in domestic and foreign markets.