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The use of microbial natural products can effectively improve the interaction of the ecological chain in rearing ponds, increase the decomposition of organic matter at the bottom of the pond, and reduce ammonia nitrogen, sulfide and nitrate in the water. The use of Aqua-Fresh Water Treatment Agent can not only improve water quality but also maintain the ecological balance.

Product features :


1. Improve water quality

Maintain the ecological balance & Promote the growth of fish


2. Reduce the toxic substances in the water

Effectively reduce the toxic substances (NH3, H2S) in the water & Increase the breeding and reproduction of fish


3. Probiotics

Rich probiotics, which can effectively inhibit the growth of pathogens


4. Decomposition of bottom organic matter

Decompose the bottom organic matter, Maintain a good ecology at the bottom of the pond & Effectively remove the smell of fish

Main ingredients:

Complex microbiota




Directly decompose nitrate and nitrite to improve water quality; in addition, it can also use secreted enzymes and antibiotics to inhibit the growth of other bacteria, thereby reducing pathogens in aquaculture species.



Yeasts reproduced in the pond can be used as a source of nutrition for aquatic animals. Yeast cells contain essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, a variety of digestive enzymes, and active substances that can supplement the nutritional requirement of animals, especially rich in B vitamins. In addition, the content of amino acids is high and the proportion of amino acids is appropriate that are widely used in feed additives. In recent years, yeasts have also been used as water treatment agent to improve water quality.



The species of the genus Lactobacillus have been classified as oxygen-tolerant anaerobes that can generate lactic acid and other organic acids by degrading carbohydrates. Through lowering the pH value in the animal’s intestines, Lactobacillus can inhibit the growth of other microorganisms, and strengthening immunity system of animals.


Recommend for uses :

1.100~200g/1000 square meter (once per 3~5 days)

2.Use twice a week if there is water deterioration or severe weather change

3.Double dose for the first use in the aquarium, and then resupply periodically

4.Take 3~5 days to stabilize the probiotics in the aquarium before stocking fish and shrimp

5.Usage for aquarium : 2~3 g/10 L


Packaged weight :

1 kg (foil bag)