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SYP-200 uses dozens of high-quality raw materials and special microbiota for deep fermentation. SYP-200 maintains the balance of intestinal bacteria, improves immunity, and promotes animal growth. In addition, it can reduce odor factors (NH3, H2S) in the livestock house.

Product features :


1. Natural microbiota

Product contains a large number of lactic acid bacteria, yeast, photosynthetic and actinomycetes, etc., which can easily become dominant bacteria in the environment.


2. Improve feed palatability

The fermentation products of probiotics such as lactic acid, oligosaccharides, and volatile fatty acids can increase the palatability in animal nutrition.


3. Inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria

Enhance intestinal immunity and maintain a balance between the good and bad bacteria in the microbiome.


4. Postbiotics and nutrients

Probiotics produce postbiotics, organic acids, various enzymes, vitamins, amino acids, small molecules, bacterial proteins and other nutrients. Those small molecules and nutrients promote the growth and production of animals.


5. Reduce odor factors

Quickly decompose hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and ammonia (NH3), eliminate the odor of feces.


Field Experiment of Academic Institutions-Effects of Feed Intake and Growth Traits in Finishing Pigs:

  Weight before test (Kg)

Weight after test (Kg)

Feed intake
Avg. daily feed intake
Control 58.04a 78.07c 1.92b 0.44c 4.40a
Test 1 54.99b 88.41b 2.48a 0.73b 3.41b
Test 2 54.87b 88.04b 2.50a 0.72b 3.46b
Test 3 54.81b 92.67a 2.66a 0.82a 3.26c


Test 1: Add 0.2% live bacteria

Test 2: Add 0.1% SYP and 0.1% other additives

Test 3: Add 0.2% SYP


Recommend for uses :

Swine - 2 kg per ton

Poultry - 2 kg per ton

Aquarium - 1~5 kg per ton


Packaged weight :

1 kg bag (15 sets in one box)