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With the depletion of ocean resources and the increasing shortage of high-quality fish meal, the natural and economical protein feeds are lacking. In order to provide more diversified animal feed options, Agriaqua uses natural protein raw materials and a multi-layer fermentation process to develop a new animal feed product, "U-pro “. The feed "U-pro " is a safe, natural and green products for the environment and aquaculture.

1.Successful fermentation:

The first stage uses aerobic bacteria to remove anti-nutritional factors; the second stage uses enzymes to decompose protein into small molecular to increase the digestibility to 90%; the third stage uses lactic acid bacteria and yeasts to create more trace elements and unknown growth factors, which are extremely beneficial to animals.


2.Unique microbial fermentation: 

The effect of the fermented byproducts of Agriaqua has been confirmed by academic units. It has been reported that our product can effectively increase the feed intake, weight gain, and feed conversion rate in animals.


3. High quality protein:

The crude protein value (CP) is as high as 65%. The composition of amino acids is similar to fish meal. It contains antibacterial peptide and attractant protein, which has a good preventive effect on aquatic virus infection.


4. Functional palatability for aquatic products:

The metabolites of microbial fermentation (organic acids, amino acids, unknown growth factors, etc.) have a natural fermentation aroma, increase aquatic appetite and promote growth.


5. Reduce anti-nutritional factors:

Plant protein often contains many anti-nutritional factors. In the process of fermentation, the anti-nutritional factors are effectively eliminated; therefore, the absorption rate of U-pro is increased.


6. Probiotic fermentation products:

The fermented products of probiotics, such as polysaccharides, various enzymes, vitamins, and unknown growth factors, can enhance cell activity, improve immunity, and achieve the effect of preventing diseases.

Recommend for uses:

Aquarium: 10-100 kg per ton