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Delicious + Healthy + Nutritious
It has the traditional fermented taste and integrity feed for growth in high-density culture. Several years ago, the yeast powder of TAIWAN SUGAR CORP. was popular in Taiwan. With simple formula and affordable, this product allowed many farmers to get good results in breeding. Now, Agriaqua’s molasses yeast powder can not only reduce the heat stress of animals in summer, but also supplement the various nutrients needed for animal growth and production. Moreover, this product has the key nutrient that cannot be provided in traditional animal feeds.

1. Prevent negative effect of heat stress on animal production.

2. Improve palatability to solve the problem of animal feed intake decline in summer.

3. Highly active yeast.

4. The rich chelated minerals can supplement the nutritional requirement and growth kinetics of animals.

5. High content of vitamin B complex and unidentified growth factors (UGF) can prevent heat stress and promote growth.

6. With a rich taste, this product can promote animal appetite and help defecation.

Recommend for uses:

Swine: 25-100 kg per ton

Hog: 12.5-50 kg per ton

Poultry: 12.5-50 kg per ton

Cattle and sheep: 12.5-50 kg per ton

Aquarium: 10-100 kg per ton


Packaged weight:

25 kg (paper bag)