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The trend of biological feed has emerged in the livestock industry. Probiotics are used in ingredients to decompose anti-nutritional factors, produce organic acids and enzymes, and finally enhance animal digestion of feed. Agriaqua has been developing microbial feed since 1993, and successfully developed a new fermented product GP-500, which contains a variety of probiotics (lactic acid bacteria, yeasts, Bacillus subtilis and photosynthetic bacteria, etc.). GP500 not only provides an excellent source of protein, but also improves animal health.

1. The fermented byproduct can replace fish meal in animal feeds because the plant proteins are broken down into functional peptides to facilitate the digestion and absorption in animals.

2. The use of probiotics can reduce the use of antibiotics.

3. The fermented byproduct including organic acids and vitamins can promote better growth and better health of animals

4. Microorganisms can degrade anti-nutritional factors by synthesizing digestive enzymes to improve the protein utilization of animal feeds.

5. Probiotics have the ability to inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria and inhibit the production of NH3, H2S and other odor molecules.


Recommend for uses:

Piglet: 25-100 kg per ton

Grower and finisher: 25-50 kg per ton

Sow: 25-50 kg per ton

Poultry: 25-50 kg per ton

Cattle and sheep: 25-50 kg per ton

Aquarium: 25-100 kg per ton


Packaged weight:

25kg (paper bag)