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The latest product developed by Agriaqua contains mushroom polysaccharides, vitamins and trace elements, which can reduce the heat stress of animals and supplement the micronutrients needed for growth. In the hot summer, animals often lose appetite due to heat stress, with functional polysaccharides and the special aroma, AS-P100 can not only increase feed intake, but also alleviate the harm of heat stress. AS-P100 is especially suitable for animals when they are before and after getting vaccinated and breeding by slowing down heat stress and strengthening the immune system. AS-P100 can be described as a good helper for livestock farmers.

1.Prevent negative effect of heat stress on animal production, and strengthen the immune system

2.With functional polysaccharides, the harm of heat stress can be solved.

3.The rich chelated minerals can supplement the nutritional requirement and growth kinetics of animals.

4.High content of vitamin B complex and unidentified growth factors (UGF) can prevent heat stress and promote growth. With polysaccharides, this product can purify the intestines, expel harmful bacteria, and repair intestinal functions.

5.By strengthening the immune system, this product is especially suitable for animals when they are before and after getting vaccinated.

Recommend for uses:

Swine: 25-100 kg per ton

Hog: 12.5-50 kg per ton

Poultry: 12.5-50 kg per ton

Cattle and sheep: 12.5-50 kg per ton

Aquarium: 10-100 kg per ton


Packaged weight:

25kg (paper bag)