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G-pro is a newly fermented byproduct developed by our company. It was developed based on the needs of animal husbandry. Tests have confirmed that the ratio of raw materials in this product and unique fermentation can boost nutrient absorption of animals. The significantly increasing of feed intake can make breeding ducks, weanling piglets, broilers and laying hens more vigorous. Compared with other commercially available products, G-pro has higher protein content, palatability, safety and protein utilization.


1.Improve digestibility and attracting effect

Fermentation with complex microorganisms can remove protease inhibitors, phytic acid and tannic acid in animal feeds. Microorganisms also improve protein digestibility in animals by continuously providing enzymes to degrade protein. Lactic acid bacteria and yeast can effectively protect the host's intestinal function, maintain the balance of intestinal flora, and promote digestion. The sweet smell after fermentation can increase the attractiveness of feed to animals.

2. Improve the palatability of products

After the raw materials are fermented by microorganisms, organic acids, soluble peptides and free amino acids are produced, which can increase the growth of animals and improve palatability. During the fermentation process, microorganisms can decompose high molecular weight protein, and its amino acid composition is similar to fish meal, which can provide complete nutrition.

3. Enhance cell activity and autoimmunity

The fermented byproducts of probiotics include polysaccharides, various enzymes, vitamins, and growth-promoting factors, which can enhance immunity and increase the concentration of beneficial bacteria in the animal’s intestinal tract to achieve the effect of disease prevention.

4. Reduce environmental pollution

This product has a large amount of protease. The protease can reduce fecal NH3 emission that causes the environmental pollution such as odor gas emissions from pig manure.

5. Unique microbial fermentation

The effect of the fermented byproducts of Agriaqua has been confirmed by academic units. It has been reported that our product can effectively increase the feed intake, weight gain, and feed conversion rate in animals.


Effects of Dietary Supplementation of Fermented Byproduct on Growth Performances and Palatability of Weanling Piglets

National Pingtung University of Science and Technology----Dr. Hsieh How-Hong

Using DxL two-breed hybrid weanling piglets, raised from 4 weeks of age to 7 weeks of age, check the initial and final weights, and calculate the feed cost per kilogram of pork during the period.

2.5%G-pro+2.5% Fish meal
5%Upro 5% Fish meal
Initial weights (kg)
7.94 7.96
Final weights (kg)
14.84 14.76

Feed cost per kilogram live weight gain

2.5%G-pro 5%G-pro 5% Fish meal
1 kilogram pork cost
33.10 34.22


Recommend for uses:

Piglet: 25-100 kg per ton

Grower and finisher: 25-50 kg per ton

Sow: 25-50 kg per ton

Poultry: 25-50 kg per ton

Cattle and sheep: 25-50 kg per ton


Packaged weight:

25kg (paper bag)